Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lush Easter 2015

It's nearly Easter and, as always, Lush have come up with another tempting Easter collection full of bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps and shower jellies! As I've still got lots of Lush bits and pieces left over from Christmas (and I topped up my collection around Valentines) I only picked up two things, but they were definitely my favourite scents from the bunch!

The big, yellow bath bomb egg is the Immaculate Eggception (which you can also get in pink!) It's so large because it actually has another bath bomb hidden inside - either a little chick or a bunny! Its scent is described as 'zesty' as it contains grapefruit and lemon oil, but it also contains vanilla and for me it's that which really comes through - I think it smells closer to the toffee scent of It's Raining Men shower gel, which I love! Perhaps the citrus will come through more once it's dropped into a bath. 

The other bath bomb I picked up is the cute little pink Fluffy Egg. This bomb shares the same sweet, candy scent as the Snow Fairy shower gel which Lush bring out around Christmas time and is another one of my favourite scents - I don't usually like sweety-type scents but for some reason I adore Lush's version! It's also very similar to Lush's permanent Think Pink bath bomb

I think these not only make a lovely treat for yourself but they could also be a great Easter gift for someone who perhaps isn't so keen on the chocolate kind of egg! What are your favourites from Lush's Easter collection this year? 


  1. I tried Immaculate Eggception last year and it smelled lovely but I didn't anticipate that it turned my bath water completely yellow which didn't look very appealing. ;) I think pink bath would be way cuter.


    1. I used it and I didn't find the colour too bad, definitely better than the yellowy-orange Cinders bath bomb! I did put some bubble bath into the mix too though so it didn't stand out too much haha x

  2. Hahah Eggception, such a cool name! That one sounds really nice by the way, grapefruit and lemon oil are great together :) Will definitely give it a sniff the next time I'm at a Lush shop!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  3. I love lush! And I adore the Fluffy Egg bath bomb, the smell is incredible! Lovely blog xx

    Beauty Girl

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  5. Love the LUSH bath bombs! I'll have to go check out the Easter collection. :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. They had some really good things this year! x

  6. This would be wonderful gifts! Never knew lush made these :P lovely post :)


    1. Yep they do an Easter collection every year (: make great alternative presents! x

  7. Lush always has the most beautiful holiday products! I think I'd like to try the Fluffy Egg. :D


  8. Replies
    1. Me too, definitely one of my favourite places to shop! x

  9. Lush is my No 1 shop!!!!! :)