Thursday, 6 March 2014

See you in May...

... well, you'll probably hear from me before then, now and again, but what I'm saying is that I'm not going to be posting much from now until the end of May.

I'm in my final year of university studying Psychology, and all of my coursework (including my dissertation!) is due in at the end of this month, then after that I have four weeks to revise before my exams which start at the end of April - eek! So, as much as I'd like it not to, uni work has to come first (:

Basically I'm just letting you know that if you like to keep up to date with my posts, don't expect the regular one to two posts a week that I've been managing recently - I've got a few posts lined up but obviously I won't be able to put them up until I've got  bit of spare time, so expect my posts to be a bit sporadic and you probably won't be seeing a new one every single week until after I've finished my university exams.

Hope you all stick with me and enjoy the posts I do manage to do during this time - see you soon! x


  1. I am in the same predicament but in second year, it's annoying that you lose followers just because you can't post as often!
    Good luck with all the work!

    Aimee - AroundTwenty xx

    1. Thank you! Good luck with yours too (: x