Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25 'Warm Ivory' Review!

A few weeks ago I went to House Fraser on a mission to purchase a new foundation. After many, many weeks of umming and ahhing, I'd decided to go for Bobbi Brown's Extra Repair Foundation . I wanted a hydrating and nourishing base with a decent amount of coverage (but that wasn't heavy) to suit my very dry skin, and this Bobbi Brown offering seemed to tick all the boxes. 

The high SPF 25 also attracted me, as I have quite fair skin. In my opinion, Bobbi Brown is one of the best brands to go for if you're also one of the fairer folk, as they have a great range of base shades - I was matched to 'Warm Ivory', the second-to-lightest shade out of the 14 shades this foundation is available in. 

This little number also contains natural moistursing ingredients that are fantastic for your skin, namely Shea Butter and Evening Primrose oil. Shea Butter is super moisturising and nourishing, and Evening Primrose oil is not only great for dry skin, but also helps to reduce irritation and inflammation - a must for sensitive skin. This, in combination with the foundation's yellow base (all of Bobbi Brown's foundations are yellow-based, her philosophy is that it is the most flattering, as we all have some yellow undertones to our skin), helps to counteract redness and hide blemishes. 

The foundation is really thick and creamy in the pot, but once on the skin it melts in and is easy to blend. I personally prefer a light-to-medium coverage, and this base can be built up from sheer-to-light, up to medium, and feels weightless on the skin. I've found the best way to build coverage with this foundation is to apply and buff in light layers until the desired finish is achieved, as opposed to applying one heavier layer of foundation. Applying this way does take a bit longer, but ensuring each layer is properly buffed in to the skin gives a lovely, glowing finish and helps the foundation to last a much longer time on the skin. I've found it lasts around 6 or 7 hours on my skin without needing any touch ups, after this amount of time only a minimal amount of correcting is needed.

 In order to transfer the product out of the pot and on to the back of my hand, a usually use a small spatula that came with my Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. I like to apply the product to my face with my fingers, then blend out a bit more and buff in with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I found that trying to go in straight away with the brush didn't give me the finish I wanted, and also created a lot of streaky brush marks. 

In the above photo, the left side of my face is bare, and the right side is with the Extra Repair Foundation. As you can see, the natural redness  of my eyelids has been completely counteracted, as has the skin discolouration between my nose and mouth corners. Overall, my skintone has been evened out but still looks completely natural. 

And here's a completed makeup look using the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation. I love the natural glow the foundation gives the skin, without looking overly dewy. I'm smitten! 

Have you tried any of Bobbi Brown's bases? How have you got on? 


  1. This product sounds amazing! It makes your skin look flawless!xx

    1. Thank you so much! It is a great foundation (: x

  2. Woooooah, that looks amazing! It gives you such a natural glow, I'll definitely have to have a look at this! x

    Rose |

    1. It is really good, probably my favourite foundation I've tried so far (: x