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LUSH REVIEW: The Comforter, Twilight, Ultrabalm, Dream Cream & Vanilla Dee-Lite!

Hello Everyone! 

Last month I popped in to Lush (one of my absolute favourite places to shop) to purchase a couple of my fave bath treats, The Comforter bubble bar and Twilight bath bomb. I also ended up purchasing a tin of Ultrabalm for my chapped lips and was given two free samples of lotions Dream Cream and Vanilla Dee-Lite, as I mentioned to the sales assistant that I wanted to find more body products for my sensitive skin and so was given those to try out. I already know that I love The Comforter and Twilight, so I just wanted to share my love for them with you all haha. The other three products were completely new to me, so let's get on with these reviews!

The Comforter: The Comforter is a bubble bar, which means that it does exactly what your usual bubble bath liquid does - it just comes in a solid form. Apart from the fact that it's a nice bright pink colour, it's not the most attractive looking product but trust me, it's awesome. It's described as 'blackberry scented', and the oils featured in it are bergamot, cassis and cyprus. I'm not sure if it smells like any of those things haha, but to me it smells exactly like love hearts sweets and I absolutely love it! To use, you crumble either all of it (for extreme bubbles) or part of it under your running bath water - watch the bubbles form and your bath water turn a beautiful cerise pink (: 

Twilight: Twilight is a bath bomb -  you drop the entire thing in your bath and it fizzes away releasing gorgeous smelling oils, however it doesn't form any bubbles so if you want that too just add some of your fave bubble bath to the water (: I love the look of this bomb - how it's decorated with a moon and stars which fit perfectly in to the twilight/bed time theme of the product.  I was initially bought this by a friend and when I read the description of it I didn't think it would really be my bag, as I saw it contained lavender oil and (at the time) I didn't find lavender to be that nice a smell - WRONG! As soon as I got in to my bath I was converted! The oils in this bomb are lavender, ylang ylang and tonka, and this combination creates a heavenly scent that I can only describe as smelling exactly like bed time should; soothing, relaxing, comforting and warming. For a night time treat when you need to relax and unwind before bed, perfect. 

Ultrabalm: Described as 'perfect for bits that chap and chafe', Ultrabalm was sold to me as Lush's alternative to Vaseline, 100% natural, preservative free and free from petroleum jelly. It's made of only 3 ingredients (jojoba oil, candelilla wax & rose wax), and has a very, very faint smell so I'm sure it would be suitable for sensitive skin. Another thing to note is that it doesn't contain limonene - limonene is a substance that occurs naturally in some essential oils, but some people have a severe allergy to it, like my mum, which causes them to feel an acidic burning sensation when limonene comes in to contact with their skin. As my mum has this allergy, I'm always on the lookout for limonene-free products for her because it seems to be in nearly everything! It doesn't seem to be a very well known about allergy, so I thought I'd give it a mention in case it was of any interest or help to any of you out there. Anyway, moving on, I've only used this on my lips as they are the only area I feel I need to. It does soften them and you only need to use a small amount for your lips to feel hydrated - a big plus for me as I'm a big fan of 'a little goes a long way' products (: However, I found that this didn't last much longer than an hour or two, and this may be down to the fact that I have very dry skin in general anyway, so I probably need to find a creamier, more intensive product to achieve the results I would like. It's still a nice product, but I'd recommend it to people whose skin just needs a little TLC, and not intensive moisturising.  

Dream Cream: Dream Cream is a hand and body lotion for 'easily upset skin', i.e. sensitive skin. As it is a lotion it has a more 'liquidy' consistency than a cream and is not as rich as a body butter. It contains various soothing ingredients such as oat milk and cocoa butter, and the oils featured in it are rose, olive, chamomile, tea tree and lavender. All of these together result in a very 'herby' smelling product, which I quite like (: the scent is soothing in an aromatherapy sort of way. I've found that Dream Cream is great as a body lotion and hasn't irritated areas that are usually extra sensitive, such as my legs. However I have found that, for me, it doesn't work that well for my hands as they tend to get quite dry and are prone to eczema, and I find that I need a much richer cream than this lotion. Dream Cream glides over the skin with ease, but I've found that I need to wait about a minute for it to sink in to my skin as I found it felt a little sticky when initially applied. The scent lingers on your skin for a while after which is nice (: 

Vanilla Dee-Lite: Like Dream Cream, Vanilla Dee-Lite is another hand and body lotion, and is designed to be smoothing and softening for those of us with dry skin. I personally found that I liked this a lot more than Dream Cream (although I like both hehehe) as I found it more moisterising and again it didn't irritate my skin. It has quite a sweet vanilla scent as opposed to a musky one, and features vanilla, jasmine and tonka absolutes - 3 of my favourites! Vanilla Dee-Lite also contains a whole host hydrating ingredients including coconut water and oil and cocoa butter, in addition to fresh kiwi illipe butter. In addition, this is another limonene-free product. I liked this lotion for both body and hands and I felt it did make my hands feel more supple, unlike Dream Cream - I'm not sure I'd swap my hand creams for this one just yet though, but I will definitely be purchasing a full size tub for use on the rest of my bod! 

Price List as of November 2013:

  • The Comforter, 200g, £4.50
  • Twilight, £3.25
  • Ultrabalm, 45g, £8.50
  • Dream Cream, 240g, £11.25
  • Vanilla Dee-Lite, 250g, £12.50
Visit Lush's website to see more of their fab products here!

Aaaand that's everything! I hope some of you have enjoyed reading this, and that you've found it interesting/helpful, and that these products have given you a little insight into the wonderful world of Lush if you haven't come across them before (: 

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